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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tonight police say he.ould have fallen or was thrown from a window. news 4's michael george is at the scene tonight to explain. michael. >> reporter: well, rob, just ai horrible tragedy here. behind me officers are still on the scene, just trying to find out what happened to the infant. investigators tell me they're looking into the possibility this baby was thrown from a fourth floor window. so far, no one has been arrested, but police are questioning family members and others who live here. here's what we know. around 4:00 a.m., someone called 911 to report they found the infant's body in the courtyard at 115th street. he was just 1 month old, unconscious and unresponsive, and tragically, it was too late for emts to save him. his name was rizwan ahmad. we spoke to the neighbor who discovered the baby after she went outside to get fresh air. here's what she told us. >> well, i stepped out and i window. and for some reason, something told me inside to go downstairs. and then i see that. >> reporter: investigators tell us they have no previous history
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of abuse, but the family that lives here in this apartment, of course, very early in the investigation. detectives are trying to find out what happened. live in the richmond hill section, michael george, news 4 new york. police in connecticut say a young woman may have been trying to retrieve her wallet from a metro north track when she was struck and killed by a train. this happened this torning at the cob station. police say the 28-year-old woman was on the tracks when the train arrived. her name has not been released. new at 5:00, two nypd officers are in the hospital after a struggle with several police impersonators. investigators say the three crooks tried to break into an apartment in the morris heights section of the bronx, then three real nypd officers arrived and saw the suspects running out of the apartment after a struggle. one man was arrested and two officers were headed to the hospital. >> i heard the running around, the -- it was crazy.
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>> those pro officers were taken to the hospital in serious condition with head and face lacerations and one had a broken leg. to decision 2016 now. and more people watched last night's republican debate than any other presidential debate in history. but did it do anything to shake up the race dominated by the donald? nbc's steve handelsman has more from cleveland. >> reporter: at simon's deli today, not far from the debate site, scott walker campaigned, the center of attentiyo here. but not last night. despite his going in, pulling third or fourth highest. >> reporter: you got fewer minutes than almost any candidate. >> yeah, and in the end, i guess some of the others were eager to take on the others. >> reporter: grabbing the most air time was -- you know. with a record 24 million viewers. and he groused after. >> i thought their questions to me were much tougher than to other people. but maybe i expect that. but i really enjoyed the evening. >> reporter: jeb bush in new hampshire today was polling
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second to trump. >> saw you on the tv last night. but i thought you were very calm under pressure. that was really good. you held your own, you know? >> that's part of the task of being a president, is not -- you know. >> reporter: in fact, to many, bush looked laid back. >> when you're sitting in the subcommittee -- >> reporter: after his tangle with rand paul on the nsa, chris christie is pleased. >> i think i made very clear where i stand on national security issues. >> reporter: donald trump made clear he might run as an independent. and he won't mince words. back at slyman's some were turned off. >> i thought he was rude. and crude. >> i still think he's a strong candidate. but not as invincible as he was. >> reporter: one debate down, a long one to go. near-term, a big question how republican women are reacting and will react. to trump's refusal to repudiate his previous putdown on women. from cleveland, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. and still ahead on news 4
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new york at 5:00, what democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton was doing during debate. and it's the video that has got everyone talking. spiderman braulg with another man in times square. tonight, who was calling for a crackdown in the crossroads of the world. right? and sandra lee's battle with breast cancer. when she could be released from the hospital. and weather wise, a delightful day today, but does it continue no into the weekend? we'll have your forecast coming up. and digging through the trash to find out who is il ilegally dumping. at 5:30, an exclusive look at how investigators track down those responsible.
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new at 5:00, police in the bronx looking for an armed robber who terrorized a laundromat while disguised as the villain from "halloween" wearing a michael myers mask and forcing a clerk behind the counter. he left the laundromat with $250 in cash. the masked man left in a gray jeep liberty suv. if you have any information on this robbery, call police. tonight there are new calls to crack down on those costume characters after "spiderman" was caught tangling with someone other than the green goblin. checkey beckford is in times square tonight with the bizarre confrontation. this is crazy, checkey. >> reporter: it is, sibilia.
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we talked about this last night, and today we're hearing from spiderman himself. that all happened right here in front of the toys"r"us in front of parents with their kids. many of whom look up to the super hero. and the costume spiderman character, though, could be seen on the video actually punching another man before putting him into a headlock. the man on the other end of the costume character's punches is an ice cream vendor, and he said spiderman threw the first punch after he took on the character for yelling a tourist and her child for more tips. today the mask was lifted as the spoke out. >> the fight started because he continuously telling the people not to tip me, and so first, second and i knew something is going to happen. so i got my phone together. i put a video recording, i give it to one of the characters to hold it. and the video was recorded the entire thing. >> reporter: and this isn't the
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first time a costumed character has gotten into trouble for either violence or trying to get more tips from customers. today the mayor's office released a statement, basically saying we can't allow the rights of those who live and work in and visit our city to be violated by anyone. while most costumed individuals are not engaging in criminal activity, assault by costume characters in times square will not be tolerated. and the times square alliance is also calling for a meeting with the city to discuss more regulations for these costumed characters. in times square, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> what a story. checkey, thanks so much. french authorities today launched a week-long search for more debris from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. this comes as investigators continue to work to determine if a boeing 777 wing flap found on reunion island belongs to the plane. the malaysian government says the flap does belong to the doomed flight. the search will cover a 75 x 25
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mile area but has been hampered by bad weather. families of the victims have questioned whether the discovered fragment is from the missing plane. next week, federal investigators will hold a hearing about the cause of a crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. the national transportation safety board will meet next tuesday in washington, d.c. last june, morgan and his friends were returning from a show in delaware when their limo bus was hit by a walmart truck. a preliminary ntsb report found the truck driver was speeding before the crash. morgan settled a lawsuit against walmart in may. sandra lee is expected to be released from are the hospital soon. the 49-year-old will be allowed to go home over the weekend, but she will still be on heavy antibiotics. lee is fighting an infection from a recent double mastectomy. her boyfriend, governor andrew cuomo, is staying by her side.
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what better way to display than with a selfie. she snapped this photo with a democratic front runner last night at the los angeles fund-raiser. then posted it on instagram for her 42 million followers to see. also seen in the picture is kim's husband, kanye west. three years after hurricane sandy wreaked havoc on subway tunnels, repairs are still being made. that means big headaches for the 100,000 riders who use the a and c line between manhattan and brooklyn, and it all starts this weekend. lauren scala what is what you need to know. >> reporter: that's right. big weekend track work out there on the a and c line. the cranberry tube is going to be shut down for repairs, still from hurricane sandy. if you don't know what the cranberry tube is, it's this here that the a and c travels underneath the east river in. it starts tonight at 11:45 p.m. and run through monday at 5:00 a.m. completely. and the a and c trains, they will run via the f right here from west fourth street to j
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street metro tech in both directions. also they're not going to be making any stops at the spring street station, fulton street and hyatt street station. otherwise things should be moving about somewhat regularly on the a and c route. but those are big changes. again, monday at 5:00 a.m., that will wram up. back to you. overseas, people in taiwan's capital are bracing for a strong typhoon that has devastated other islands. ian williams reports from the capital taipei where high winds are battering the city. >> reporter: taiwan is tonight bracing itself for a direct hit from the most powerful typhoon to strike this island for more than two years. already here in the capital, taipei, the winds are strengthening, the rain is getting heavier. since this afternoon, highways have been closed, air and rail services have been suspended. now this typhoon has reduced slightly in strength as it's come across the pacific.
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but it still packs a powerful punk punch with winds up to 120 miles per hour. now, it's expected to make landfall in the early hours of saturday morning, and the eye of the storm will pass, we think, just to the south of the capital here. it is a fast-moving storm. it will move quickly across taiwan, moving on towards china by the end of saturday. that does give a blessing in disguise, because it means that there will e less rainfall and that will lessen the chance of deadly landslides. but that will come -- in monstrous monstrous. nbc news, taipei. >> our hearts go out to people there. our weekend is looking quite different. >> yeah. it's been beautiful here lately. 8 degrees. we love that. >> and the trend continues. we're not -- we're in the middle of summer. no 90s in sight, which is great.
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>> fantastic. >>. very comfortable. low to mid 80s. low humidity. and that will be the trend. >> we earned it. >> yes, we have earned it. because just a few weeks ago, it was very warm in temperatures in the 90s. as we head into the weekend, more sunshine. more comfortable temperatures. and more low humidity. so at nighttime, it will feel very comfortable, very crisp. and then during the day, it is sunny and warm. 82 degrees in midtown under sunny skies. and today in the city, we made it up to 84 degrees. that's where we should be this time of year. midtown. newark at 84. cooler in bridgeport at 80. laguardia warmer at 86 degrees. and right now we're at 78 in staten island. 81 at jfk. 83 the current reading into central nassau county. 79 white plains, a mixture of 70s and 80s towards long island and 70s and 80s back off into new jersey. clear on the satellite image, but notice where the clouds are. they are just south of long island. and east of the jersey shore,
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all tied to a stingrm system that is moving across the mid atlantic states. you can see that storm system right here. this storm will make its way i don't have shore and move out to see. and for us, high pressure will dominate over the next couple comfortable weather. and with the northeasterly wind flow temperatures do stay very comfortable with daytime highs 80s. and then as we head toward next week, a storm system comes down from canada and sweep into the area and bring us a chance of showers and thunderstorms late tuesday. it is much needed rain, so hopefully this front will take its time on tuesday coming through and bring us some locally heavy rain. we are down by up to 5 inches in some spots. but for this evening, no issues. we are clear by 9:00 p.m., we're at 77 degrees. by 11:00 p.m., 75. but you go into our northern and western suburbs, and temperatures at this point will be in the 60s. now for the weekend, just a beautiful day tomorrow. lots of sunshine, 85 degrees. low humidity.
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sunday is looking great, as well. 84 degrees. however, well north and west of the city, we can't rule out at least a spot shower or a spot storm as we head towards later in the day on sunday. i think for most of us this weekend, we are dry with plenty of sunshine. heading towards the beaches tomorrow, yeah, very comfortable there. now notice the winds are northeastly. so what happens. for long island, your temperatures will be in the 80s, because you'll have an offshore wind flow meaning the wind going from the land to the water. but you go down the jersey shore, and your temperatures are cooler. you're in the upper 70s because you'll have that onshore flow. the winds coming in off the atlantic. water temperatures in the 70s. as a result, if you're headed down the jersey shore tomorrow and into sunday as well, temperatures in some spots will be in the upper 70s. otherwise you're in the low 80s and there's a low chance of seeing rip currents tomorrow, the great news there. tonight we're at 67 in the city. really mid 60s for coastal areas. but you go well north and west of the city, and it will be on the cool side with temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow, daytime highs again middle 80s.
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lots of sunshine, very pleasant weather. the winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and there is the extended forecast. sunday good. later on monday, a chance of showers and storms, especially north and west and that chance of thunderstorms on tuesday. after that, we are looking good from wednesday into friday. so if you have vacation those days, days, you're a-okay. that's your forecast. the end of an era as jon stewart hosts his last daily show. >> that's our show. i thank you so much for the privilege of being able to perform for you, for the privilege of being able to do it, and so here it is. >> he really did that show so well. with those words, stewart wrapped up 16 years as host of this show that became a source of news and information for younger people in this country. "daily show" correspondents including steve carell returned to wish stewart farewell. the boss closed out the final show with a rendition of "born to run." and he said something about knowing that show was as good as
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he'll ever do anything. and trying to make peace with that, knowing that no matter what you do after that, you're never going to hit that high. >> wow. >> it's something else. >> it really is. and he's just such a genius. great. >> yeah. still ahead, an update on that dolphin trapped in a new jersey river. yeah, and what they're trying now to get it back out to sea. plus this. devastation at a peach farm visited by generations of long islanders. i'm greg cergol in wading river. now the question, can this farm survive after tuesday's storm? and coming up at 6:00, it's the town hall cat. meet the friendly feline who strolls through the front doors of a city building to greet workers every day. >> i'll find something else to do rather than make him move. >> next at 6:00.
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tonight, less than 150 homes and businesses have power -- have no power days after the nasty storms rolled through long island. >> that is down from 80,000. but there are some bigger
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problems than just no electricity at a popular peach farm in wading river. news 4's greg cergol explains why, new tonight. >> want to try a peach? >> reporter: christine davis tried to remain upbeat as she sold her fruit. >> when you get home, you have to refrigerate it, okay? >> reporter: at this farmer's market. but the damage a surprise storm did to her farm this week weighed heavily on her mind. there is no way to -- i'm sorry to put it into words. it's devastating. it's -- you're losing a part of your family and really a part of you, as well. >> reporter: davis says 30% of the fruit trees and much of the crop at her century-old wading river peach farm were damaged or destroyed by high winds and hail. customers picking their own fruit today couldn't help but notice the mess. >> we can't believe our eyes, really. you know, i feel really sad for them. >> reporter: the destruction came at the height of the harvest season, and now threatens the farm's very future.
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>> it could put us out of business, to be honest with you. >> reporter: generations of long islanders have walked these tree rows for years, picking fruit. and on this day, several express the hope this week's storm won't end that tradition. >> we really do appreciate that. >> reporter: davis says a decision will be made at year's end whether the peach farm will stay in business. she is hoping for some government disaster relief that didn't come after hurricanes irene and sandy. >> if the money is not there to continue, we won't be able to continue. >> reporter: greg cergol, news 4 new york. all right. david ushery loves a good peach. >> that is true, rob. thank you. coming up at 5:30, a long-time ally of president obama says no can do on the iran nuclear deal. our melissa russo assesses the political fallout from senator chuck schumer's surprise move. rescuers going all-out to get a dolphin stuck in a jersey river back to the sea. and how is this for a little inspiration? he's still playing his piano at
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a popular hotel lounge. and by the way, he's 100 years old.
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right now on news 4 new york, one of our lawmakers deals a big setback to president obama's iran nuclear deal. senator chuck schumer says he can't support it. senator schumer presided over president obama's second inauguration but on the iran nuclear deal, new york senior senator has split with the white house. >> he says he cannot support it. and given senator schumer's influence in washington, it's a major blow to president obama.
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news 4 government affairs reporter melissa russo is here with more. >> reporter: sibilia, supporters insist senator schumer's opposition will not scuttle the president's deal, but schumers voice is a powerful one and being heard across the world. after weeks of carrying a copy of the deal around in his briefcase, senator chuck schumer issued a diplomatically worded statement saying advocates on both sides have strong cases for their point of view that cannot simply be dismissed. this has made evaluating the agreement a difficult and deliberate endeavor. and after deep study, careful thought and considerable soul searching, i have decided i must oppose the agreement. republicans overwhelmingbly oppose the deal, but some democratic senators and states with large jewish populations are resisting. anthony weiner, who worked for senator schumer, says for his former boss, this decision was politics.
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>> but you can't say they're politics-free but members and senators really do try to do it on the merits. >> reporter: a white house spokesman said today the decision was disappointing, but not surprising. and some wonder if this move will hurt schumer's chances to potentially become senate majority leader someday. >> i don't think that any of chuck's colleagues who are supporting him to become the next majority leader, hopefully the next majority leader of the united states senate, will hold this against him one way or the other. i think every senator knows this is an issue of conscience. >> it bothers me he's going against the party and the president and i don't think i'll be voting for him next election. >> i'm very disappointed. i think he's like a democrat in name only if he's going to be going against obama. >> reporter: do you think that party loyalty is more important than his conscience on a nuclear iran? >> when you put it that way -- >> reporter: new york's other democratic senator, kirsten


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